What is a Taekwondo instructor? The simple answer is; someone who teaches the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, however, the role is much greater than simply teaching someone how to kick or punch.
The role of the Taekwondo instructor in the modern era should incompasses three primary duties; 1) to teach and promote Taekwondo, 2) develop his students both physically and mentally, and 3) to set the example of what a model citizen should be both inside and outside the dojang. Students seek Taekwondo training, at least initially, in order to satisfy a need to either learn a form of un-armed fighting or to satisfy a need to develop themselves physically and or spiritually. It is the Taekwondo instructor's duty to satisfy these needs, and in the process of developing one need, develop the others. This is not done to force change on the student based solely on what the instructor believes to be the right thing to do, but it is done to maintain the universal balance of all things. The instructor cultivates both the Um and the Yang of his students in order to build the better person, to provide the necessary balance as divined by the philosophy of the Taeguk.
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It is with this philosophy in mind that the Taekwondo instructor carries out his duties, for at the heart of it, the Taekwondo instructor's duty is to build a better person who in turn creates a better society for everyone. This article was written to explain to the reader both the how and why I believe these three elements represent the core of the Taekwondo instructor's duty. Taekwondo is just not a physical art it is a way of life to the instructor and the student and how the training helps to build the better person.
Teaching and Promoting Taekwondo
Teaching Taekwondo is not the result of attaining the rank of 4th Dan or having completed the Kukkiwon or a organizations instructor training courses, rather, teaching Taekwondo is a passion and a desire. Being a Taekwondo instructor requires an individual to truly love what they do each day, because if the instructor does not desire to be a Taekwondo instructor then his teachings and consequently his students will suffer.A good instructor will truly know what he is teaching, whether that is poomsae, kyorugi or hoshinsul. It does not mean that the instructor must be a true expert in any or all of these subject areas but it does mean he understands the fundamental underlying principles and concepts and can effectively transmit the most important aspects to the students. Secondly, the instructor should take the time to understand and learn the history and traditions associated with Taekwondo
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Pictured is Beehive Martial Arts instructor Master Kevin Jerman. Mr Jerman holds the rank of 4th Dan and is a certified Kukkiwan blackbelt. He has been practicing Taekwondo for the past 16 years. He has competed in local and national tournaments and has placed in the top three competitors position winning 4 Gold Medals and 6 Silver and 9 Bronze medals in Sparring Competition and Forms and also breaking competition. Mr Jerman earned his 4th Dan certificate from the national reknown Ernie Reyes West Coast Martial Arts. Master Jerman desire and dedication to Taekwondo is his lifes dream of being a martial artist he also strives to teach and live the tenets of Taekwondo, Courtesy , Integrity, Perserverance, Self Control and a indomitable spirit.
Beehive Martial Arts offers students who obtain a blackbelt the oppurtunity to pass on the legacy as a instructor with specialized instructors training, When a student reaches a black recommended rank they then have to fullfill a requirement of being a assistant instructor so that they may qaulify for blackbelt test