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Stands for Special Winning Attitude Team and is another name for a TaeKwonDo Demonstration team.
The idea of a team in a basically individual sport is a good learning experience for the students.  It teaches the students on how to work as a team, team support, how to cover for a member who may not be at their optimal performance, to shrug off mistakes and don't make a big production about them and not to blame any one member for a non-stellar performance.
The parents of the SWAT team often show their support by having special T-Shirts made up and in some instances, special banners are made to be displayed at the competitions.
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In order to join the team, you must be at least a Yellow Stripe Belt.  Many of the higher ranking belts from the school are on the SWAT team. An incredible amount of hard work goes in by the students in an attempt to choreograph TaeKwonDo moves to lively music.
Many younger students may be up past their bedtime as practice sessions near the competition date, but they all know that their hard work will pay-off in the end.
Depending on the competition rules, the routine may have to be lengthened or shortened to meet a specific time schedule.  Sometimes, there is a very short period of time available to update the routine for the next competition.
Extra classes are held in attempts to tweak and improve the existing SWAT routines to make the best performance possible.
The master has been  known to entertain popular music and routines from the members of the SWAT team to add to their performance.
The SWAT team also serves the distinct privilege to represent the Beehive Martial Arts School at special events like the County Talent Show and Nephis Arts in the Park  At these events, sections of current SWAT routines (and sometimes the entire routines) may be chosen to be performed, but the overall purpose is to draw exposure to the school and encourage more people to try Taekwondo
S.W.A.T. Team
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